Putting the FUN in Functional

FUN Yoga. This is the key concept for my classes. It covers firstly  my intention to make the practice fun, and something you can be truly excited about doing, then secondly my intention to make it FUNctional.

What do I mean by FUNctional? Well, it is supremely  important to me that the hour or ninety minutes you spend on the mat is not isolated, it must serve you well for the other 23 hours of the day.

Yoga. To yoke. To bring together. What comes to mind when most people think of yoga practice is called asana. The way we eat, speak to ourselves and others, how we breathe and how we move about in the world are other practices of yoga.

But asana is just one part of yoga.  The type of yoga I am interested in sharing is the collection of all of my exploration, study and practice, in multiple modalities.

It is my belief that there is gold and dirt in all practices and areas of philosophy. What may be gold  to one person, may be the opposite to another.

My work is to continue to explore and learn, and in doing so  to bring to you what I consider to be the true gold, from multiple areas of exploration, all incorporated into one class.

Any type of practice that excludes anyone is not what I consider to be gold, or indeed yoga (bringing together). And therefore you will not hear me using Sanskrit or acronyms that you may find in other asana practices or in CrossFit. If EMOM and Adho Muka Svanasana exclude those unfamiliar, I choose to use language that is more universally understood, more immediately available, more FUNctional.