A Personal Journey

I was born with rheumatoid arthritis and severe inflammation in my body and was pharmaceutically dependent until the age of 35. Through yoga – and my own approach and interpretation of yoga –  FUNctional practices –  I have eliminated all pharmaceuticals, reduced inflammation in my body and have been successful shifting my mindset from weak, needy and dependent to strong, capable and independent.

It is my greatest pride and honor to work with all body types and witness the same success in multiple students ranging in age, from 7 to 93. In my classes you will see multi-generational students, practicing together. This alone has an incredibly powerful impact. Inclusiveness is one of my highest priorities.

In the beginning of my health journey, the traditional practice of asana (yoga) on its own, was enough to get my body moving but the pain of my arthritis was still very present. It wasn’t until meeting a retired structural yoga therapist (I didn’t even know there was such a person) who told me to slow down on the yoga (asana) (I was practicing 2-3 hours a day thinking “more is better” in an effort to eliminate my hip and hand pain) and to begin weight training. This advice led me to doing the necessary movements to get a strong butt, back and handgrip.

This new (to me) practice, combined with 3-4 hours a WEEK (not a day) of conventional yoga (asana) gave me the first mornings of my life when I didn’t wake up immediately aware of pain and dreading the day before me. It gave me hope, it gave me  the energy and optimism of mind and body to  add more fun activities to my routine – salsa and Kizomba classes, Pilates, HIIT, breathwork yoga (pranayama) and meditation. I also added  bicycle riding and walking/hiking, and I now incorporate elements of all these in each of the FUN Yoga classes I offer.

It is my belief that I am not your teacher. I am your guide. I am guiding you to and with the tools to connect (yoke/yoga) you to your inner teacher.

Breathe toward your elbows, slow and low. In for four, out for eight.