Breathe like the ocean. No pause. Steady and constant.

Fill your lungs focusing on the diaphragm pulling the lungs open as you inhale and the muscle relaxing as you exhale.

The diaphragm is the second most important muscle in the body we cannot see, but just like the heart, it improves with attention. As mirror muscles prove, for example, arms and legs that receive care and attention, improve and you get better at everything you need them for. The same is of course true of the muscles we cannot see.

What comes to mind for you when you think about better control of your breathing muscles? Yep. Better breathing is especially good for that. It feels deeply satisfying to have the indirect benefits of better breathing, and now five years into being aware of my breath and breathing muscles, I continue to discover new capabilities and capacity in myself, out in the world that make life a lot more fulfilling.

If you’re interested in better breathing that you can practice while you’re driving or chilling or even in a heated moment, send me a message. I’m happy to share what’s working for me.

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