Dear Harris you are an exceptional yoga teacher, you inspire us every day with your magic voice and words…I love your funny expressions and your ability to make us come in touch with the kid we have hidden inside!

You dare to play tricks with our monkey minds which is great and super healthy!

Technically you are brilliant and you make us work our bodies from toe to the top of our heads in total joy. We learn about balance , sitting , standing , thinking , breathing, standing in the supermarket´s line and even seeing the world upside down!

It is all about appreciation

Thank you for being there for me Harris and thank you for making me want to be there for me! What more can one aim for?

You’re the best!

Marta Alves

Harris Hammer’s classes did wonders for me! As one of Harris’s youngest students, I can state that his classes are fit for all ages. Before joining I was already quite active but he’s classes really stepped up my game when it comes to my physical condition. I found his ‘formula’ to be the perfect combination of exercises.

Before coming across Harris I found regular Yoga classes to be a painful and incomplete because the poses were too static which made me very tense and I was not building the strength needed to evolve into more advanced poses. Furthermore, Harris is always inovativing, adding new elements to his classes to benefit his students performance. Finally, Harris enjoys getting to know his students and encourages students on their physical practice journey. I recommend his classes to most people I met as he is a talented and passionate individual but most importantly, he cares deeply about the well being of each one of his students.

Carolina Caramelo

I started practicing yoga with Harris more than one year ago. In the beginning my going to the yoga class was very irregular. As from September I have practiced more often and now I am feeling the difference in improved mobility and resistance, in my sleeping quality and also in the relationship with the others and myself.

I am very thankful to Harris.

Olga Germano

You can see from a distance walking by that Harris Hammer is different, that is why I joined his classes. The difference lies in a holistic view on health combined with in depth yoga knowledge and understanding that training needs to be fun.

David Ericksson

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